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A Supriya Nath portfolio

Vector art for Sannidhya Bhuyan

Vector/ Digital Art

Digital or Vector art for Sannidhya Bhuyan. He is a singer/ songwriter/composer from Assam. I create this Vexel art using the Ibis paint x app on 26th February 2021. 

Pencil Art / Sketch

Pencil art for an Indian actress. I made this sketch on white paper using Pencil on 4th December 2020

supriyanath drawing

Vector art for Vidya Vox

Vexel / Digital Art

Digital art or Vexel art for Vidya Vox. She is an American YouTuber and singer. I design Vidya vox Digital art on 27th December 2021 using Autodesk SketchBook an Android-based app.  

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About Me

Freelance Graphic Artist

Hi, I’m Supriya Nath, A freelance graphic artist from a beautiful state of India, Assam. I’ve 4-year experienced in Drawing or Painting, from the past 1 year I start learning about Digital art or Vector art, or Vexel art, I used android based softer for Digital arts, like – Autodesk SketchBook, Ibis paint x  this is the best app for Android users to make digital art, vexel art or vector art.

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